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About me

My primary areas of research specialization are the literature and culture of early modern Spain and Colonial Latin America. Over forty percent of my graduate coursework was in the history of colonial and contemporary Latin America, which allows me to approach the teaching of contemporary Latin American and U.S. Latino literature from a historically informed perspective. Moreover, I have a doctoral minor in Women’s Studies and am engaged in ongoing teaching and research with a gender focus.

Travel is among the most important aspects of my life. I enjoy the challenge of discovering other approaches to life. Most importantly, traveling frequently has enabled me to build a network of colleagues and friends. Recent travels have included Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Heidelberg, Oxford, Bologna, and Paris.

I am committed to internationalization and diversity. As a teacher-scholar with international experience in higher education, I have further developed my skills as a cultural translator in my role as advisor, mentor, and teacher to a diverse range of students.

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Last updated: 02/2020